Features of Fujifilm GFX50R leather case by KAZA

The design of GFX50R camera case follows the essence of all Fujifilm X series model. Looking from the front where you can see the beautiful lines of the leather case with vivid tailoring and the meticulous craftwork at the bending areas. The design of a camera case is completely influenced by the layout of the camera body, buttons, handgrip and lens. They are the fundamental parts of a camera. And this the reason why we like the Fuji X series.

The overall layout of GFX50R is square-like. When we designed this leather case, we wanted to retouch the square shape with the curved lines in order to strike a balance between the camera and the case. The result is satisfactory.

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Having curved ear cap buttons on the both sides of the leather half case is a traditional and widely-used design in leather production. This purpose of this design is to cover the buckle positions on both sides of the camera with the curved cap buttons to prevent any scratching that may occur from the move of buckles during the use of camera. This is not just for aesthetic value but to give an extra layer of protection to the camera and allows the user to use at ease.

A small design can increase the stability of the camera case. This refers to the bottom right corner of the GFX50R leather half case and extend to the back from the handgrip leather area. In this case, we can make sure that the camera is 100% securely covered by the leather half case.

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We need to pay great attention to the height design of handgrip. Looking from the side of the rubber handgrip area, the shape is wide on bottom and narrow on top. This kind of irregular hand shape requires the consideration of the height design of the handgrip leather.  For this leather case, we decided to adjust the height of the handgrip leather to the same height as the rubber grip. The purpose is to increase the area of leather so that the user can hold the camera more comfortably.

We need to be aware that since the shape of the rubber grip is narrow on top, so it is inevitable and normal to form a gap between the rubber handgrip and the leather.


Each camera has its own unique design. GFX50R is a classic camera with a classic design. The leather-like pattern and the manipulation buttons show the masculinity of a man. To cater with this masculine feature, we designed a classic leather case in vintage brown and olive-green to bring out the military-like products.

To conclude, from all aspects of the leather case including touch, use, volume and overall balance, it presents a solid feeling to users. And I hope you would like it.

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