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Customer reviews

  • I bought a camera case from them. They make them for all well known cameras. It was beautifully made and a delight to use.

    Frances Brotzel June 28 2018
  • Fantastic workmanship. Great product and service. I am so happy with the case I am buying a second one.

    Highlander1320 May 30 2018
  • very good work, I like it very much and I like to come back to you.

    Friedel Schriewer May 27 2018
  • I received the model for my A7R2, the quality and finish of the product is first class. In my opinion a perfect complement that improves the aesthetics of the camera and protects it. I keep the seller’s website in bookmarks for future purchases.

    DAVID A April 6 2018
  • I do appreciate the high quality craftsmanship and will let people know Kaza makes a very nice product.

    Laura Hagihara Mar 24 2018
  • Easily the best case I’ve owned and seems to look even better as the leather ages.

    DANIEL JIN Mar 24 2018
  • Well made product. Shipping was quick for a handmade piece.

    victor kakavas Feb 20 2018
  • I ordered two cases. One for my X-T1 and one for my X100F. They were mailed on Jan 26th and they arrived today (Feb 10th). All I can say is WOW!!!! These cases are absolutely gorgeous! The camera fit is PERFECT! The leather and craftsmanship is exceptional;

    Kat KIREKEMO Feb 10 2018
  • Turned out to be a great case. It was a wonderful company that cares about its customers. I love my case!!! Beautiful and functional!!!!

    Josh Blackburn Jan 27 2018
  • In the memory that purchased X-T2 graphite silver edition. Leather cases of KAZA match X-T2 and X-Pro2 well. Thank you for a wonderful case.

    Takayuki Matsuda Jan 14 2018
  • Nice camera case as Christmas gift for myself! It fits the vintage look of Fujifilm XT2 and it is beautiful by itself. The leather has great shine and a pleasing handle when touching it. Thanks KAZA for such product quality, nice customer-service and fast delivery 🙂

    Tsz Yin Lai Dec 21 2017
  • Just ordered my second Kaza case as a gift!

    Dodd Vicker Dec 20 2017
  • i love it!!!!!! best thing ever! fits perfect!

    carolinbrand Nov 1 2017
  • impeccable, produit tres bien fini…

    FONTANA Oct 24 2017
  • Received it in a beautiful package. Great quality! Totally love this!

    Sanah Rajkumari Oct 16 2017
  • I’m loving my new KAZA case for my FUJIFILM X-T20. ????????????

    Nicole S. Young Oct 16 2017
  • Great quality and fast delivery! Thank you

    roseamande Oct 9 2017
  • The item arrived and already has gotten so many compliments. Thank you so much! I would recommend this product.

    Angela Nguyen Aug 24 2017
  • This was well worth the wait

    backwardsdrifting Aug 22 2017
  • Sooo Nice ! My Leica Q perfectly fit inside and well protect ! Crazy quality, awesome work 😀

    Loris Boulinguez Aug 1 2017
  • Very nice! Enjoying it very much.

    Dana Gilbert Jul 23 2017
  • Enjoy the awesome vintage look and protection with KAZA leather case.

    Oriental Hobbies Jul 03 2017
  • Received my camera case and strap today and am very pleased. The leather is beautiful and the craftsmanship is great! Am definitely glad I made the purchase!

    Juan R. May 31 2017
  • Amazing a lot of love went into this!! Quick delivery and even pre made before I had the money so I could receive it super quick! With definitely be buying more products 🙂

    westychur May 26 2017
  • Fujifilm X100F COMBO set Full Case + Strap arrived today. Thank you very much for the wonderful product !!! ????

    Ichiro Hiura‎ May 18 2017
  • It looks amazing !

    Mark May 04 2017
  • Always thank you for splendid cases. The case made in KAZA is feel of a material, a finish, the best leather case that the hue is splendid. I want to use it habitually from now on.

    ‎Takayuki Matsuda‎ May 1 2017
  • Thanks for the beautiful case! Looks great on my X-Pro2. And with the precise workmanship and the good leather, it will even look better after some time of use.

    ‎Elis Aber‎ Mar 31 2017
  • Excelente funda y caja de cuero para mi Olympus Pen F. Envió rápido. Gran servicio. Gracias!!

    Tito de la Fuente‎ Mar 20 2017
  • Beautiful workmanship. Very satisfied with my Kaza case!

    Trey Villarreal‎ Mar 18 2017
  • Kaza de lux handmade.????thank you kaza,;)

    Karin Skeidsmo‎ Mar 9 2017
  • Gorgeous case!!!! Extremely happy with the quality and color ????????

    Ashley Feb 7 2017
  • 收到Kaza 個皮套,用係XT2,感覺係經典。如果買左機又想用皮套,唔使諗,Kaza 設計好,皮質高,開位準,最緊要,個樣同部機真係好襯!上手之後手感比淨機好好多,穩好多。加上係本地品牌,要支持! 客戶服務係一流,回應快,有禮貌,要加人工比班咁好既員工呀????????????係Kaza 買野係覺得好舒服既???????????????????????? Kaza keep on the amazing work ????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Dickson Tsui‎ Feb 5 2017
  • Went above and beyond to make sure my order was perfect. Thank you

    Stacey McIntire Jan 17 2017
  • Lovely!

    Jordan D. Jan 13 2017
  • beautiful !

    森川洋之介 Jan 10 2017
  • Beautifully finished product. Surpassed expectations. Thank you!

    tbrtr Nov 30 2016
  • Thank you so much for the fantastic Kaza case and cover for my XPro-2. The quality is top notch, I absolutely love it. And the customer service was amazing. Kaza got me the case extremely fast -- just in time for a trip! Thanks for everything!

    Davey Dave‎ Nov 29 2016
  • Very well made thank you

    tommyshell Nov 18 2016
  • Really nice luxury camera case.

    gregor1977 Nov 8 2016
  • Fajifilm X70 & KAZA, 皮套設計貼身好用品質很好。 Thanks " KAZA Camera cases "

    Jetco kwong Oct 07 2016
  • Omd e-m10 mark II + half case camera strap!!! Thank you kaza!!!

    ‎Jojie Clomera Mauricio Oct 05 2016
  • Upon receiving this case for my Sony A7ii, the first initial thought of the quality was superb. The leather, stitching and quality are top notch. Although there is a slight gap towards the bottom grip of the case and the camera. It gives a better grip than the holding the camera by itself. Excellent product from an excellent Etsy seller. I look forward to purchase more from this shop!

    jojopangilinan Sep 2 2016
  • Received a very nice leather case from Kaxa Deluxe. Thanks a lot.

    ‎Jun Chan‎ Sep 1 2016
  • Amazing case.

    Emily Wilcox Aug 23 2016
  • Lovely quality! Good leather and nice style!

    K L Aug 8 2016
  • So happy I ordered this case !! Looks amazing and just what I wanted 🙂 Thank you !!

    shellemma85 Aug 9 2016