Story of making the A7R4 leather half case

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We spent a lot of time to design the best feeling of touch. The details are as follows.

  1. Strengthen the stability: The experience of the larger the camera, the higher demand on the camera leather case stability. In respect with this requirement, users can see that our leather handgrip extends from the front to the rear, to that the camera leather case can wrap the hand grip area firmly to achieve the high stability effect.

2. The increase in handgrip leather amount. Since the rubber handgrip of A7R4 is enlarged, we need to design a compatible camera leather case. When you hold the camera, you can feel that the enlarged handgrip leather can completely improve the feel of touch so that you can use comfortably even for a long time.

3. Flexible control: Taking into account the different size of user’s fingers, we deliberately reserved more space at the front of the rubber handgrip for finger movement to avoid friction between the fingers and the edge of the leather case as well asto increase the comfortability.

Compromise – There is a gap between the rubber handgrip and the lens. The reason for this design is to allow the battery case at the bottom to open smoothly. Therefore, we need to enlarge the bottom of the camera case to make a gap. This is normal.

SONY A7R3 A7 iii Leather half case

Once again, I hope that this article can help you to understand more about the design idea of SonyA7R4 camera leather case by KAZA. Thank you.

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