Olympus E-M10 mark 3 series

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“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”

                                                                                                                                                   –Salvador Dali

Olympus EM10 Mark III

The EM10 mk3 series has gone to the third generation of mk3. When making this leather case, everything happened in a sudden. I discovered MK3 launching by chance when I was on the street. When I observed EM10 MK3 in the factory, I found that it was similar to the previous MK2 design. The Em10mk3 is a relatively small model with a small body. The lens occupies more than 1⁄2 of the body. The front of the leather case limit the design space.

Fortunately, the hexagonal shape of the lens at the bottom of the layout creates a good reference so the camera half case extends to the left and right from the hexagon.

The camera’s button, located right in front of the camera, just forms a good position for the half case to have an arc-shaped cushion to extend alongside the camera body. All the way up to the KAZA’s unique triangle protection skin, this distribution can be seen as a natural transition from curved lines to triangular ‘side rings leather


On  the other hand, the most effort spent is on the design of the balance of the camera’s body grip position. The em10mK3’s plastic grip is not a traditional bottom-up uniform shape, but is tilted from bottom to top and then from right to left. This bracelet shape compromises the half case design. So considering the half case user’s hand and the overall shape of the camera case, the final design is to design the hand part into a straight line from the bottom up. This design will create a gap of a few millimeters wide on the top of the leather grip. But, this gap does not affect the stability of the control.

One of the selling points of EM10mk3 is that it can invert the LCD screen. In order to increase the smoothness of the LCD screen activity, the cut at the bottom of the holster also reserves enough space for the LCD to operate without any obstacles. As for the case cover and lens protection cover, we also provide three different lengths for your choice. It is mainly designed with various lens lengths.

I hope that when you are choosing the Em10 MK3 camera case, you will consider KAZA em10mK3 camera half case as this just suits you.

-With a open slot for a easy battery & SD card access

-From top view of the camera , there is a gap at the top of the handle part. This is normal and due to the shape of the EM10MK3 rubble handle is not straight up.

-The lens cap leather sticker is an optional item . Customers can purchase at our store

-For this EM10Mark 3 model, we have three different case cover size for you to choose as below:

Material :

Outside: Cow Hide Leather

Inside : Fiber

[ Production ]
In case the item is out of stock, production takes at least 2 weeks.

[ Shipping ]
Delivery in Hong Kong

  • Courier (Office address in business area) / Hong Kong post registered mail ( All residential address ) /
    S.F express courier (Self pickup store )

Delivery outside Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong post registered airmail/(10-14 working days)
  • Speedpost (with surcharge ) (3-4 working days) [ USD 26.00 on top of the standard registered airmail ]
  • Fedex (with surcharge ) ( 1 working day ) [ USD 44.00 on top of the standard registered airmail ]

[ Payment ]
Hong Kong buyer :
Bank in
Hang Seng Bank account
Acc # 254401110883
/ Paypal / Credit card / Stripe

Overseas buyer:
Paypal / Credit card / Stripe

Color : Vintage brown #16


About Handpainted Vintage brown#16 / Olive#23 (Italian Leather)
Each time, when we make a handpainted Vintage brown / Olive green leather, feeling like a new challenge , it’s a process require complex technique and time consuming process , to acheive such a shiny texture, vintage feeling . Though the process is not easy , we do feel satisfied everytime we see the finished product.
We hope you like it too !

Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark iii 相機皮套 Leather case オリンパスOM-D E-M10 mk3 カメラケース by KAZA

We have three packages options available for you to choose:

  • COMBO set : Consists of half case + case cover + strap
  • Half case + strap set : Consists of half case + strap
  • Half case only : Consists of half case

If you cannot find your desired option, e.g case set, leather color , stitches color, please feel free to email us and we can customs made an order for you. Thank you !


Strap size 

  • Adjustable Length, 90 cm – 119 cm
  • Neck strap width 2.5 cm ,
  • Supporting weight – 5 kg
  • Each strap weighs only 0.06 kg, as light as a silk scarf.
  • Adjustable for all cameras from M4/3, prosumer cameras to small digital cameras
  • How to set your leather strap ? https://youtu.be/CSCSH2mt1Cg

BEST PART:– Double face leather :

Each of the KAZA leather strap is made of genuine leather, not only on the surface of it, aslo at the bottom part of the leather strap .This way of making will not only increase the durability , but also the beauty of it. It is very rare you can find this kind of making in the market.Though this making way will double the production cost and time , but we insist to make the most fine leather strap for you. We believe this is what a high quality leather strap should be.

Instruction on tying the leather strap , width of strap is 8 mm.

Each leather strap comes with a pair of extensions, if the strap hole’s width of the camera is less then 1 cm, you can put an extension which consists of a thin wax string through the small strap hole.

Our collections not only satisfy your practical needs, with the delicate, sophisticated texture and design, you can definitely stand out from the crowd.

1. Why you need a camera leather case ? A recommendation of leather camera case 

Having a camera leather case is not only for protection purpose, it also reflects the style of a photographer. You can find camera half cases, COMBO sets from KAZA for a variety of camera models. We ship to worldwide . We provide a comprehensive guide for you to choose the best camera leather case ,please visit   A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR YOU TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CAMERA LEATHER CASE


2. About placing order 

After settle payment for your order, you will receive our email within 24 hours confirming your payment is received and  we will inform you the expected ship out date. Such ship out date is for reference only, the actual date may be varied  subject to weather condition, production status and material availability.

3. Customer inquiry

For any issue regarding to your order, please kindly send email to info@kaza-deluxe.com along with your order number, our staff can reply you within 24 hours. Except Saturday and Sunday.

4. Delivery address 

For all overseas buyer paid by paypal , please kindly notice we can only deliver the item to your Paypal registered address.

5. Customer responsibility

Once payment is done, any reason of refund will generate a 15% handling fee  . However, if you buy the wrong item by accident, we can assist you to change the correct item, Just feel free to email us.

6. Production & Stock availability

In case the of stock is not available , it takes at least 14 days for production. If you need the item urgently or before a requested date, please email us for stock availability .

7. Duty tax and broker’s fee

For some countries there may be a need for customer to pay for the import tax or broker’s fee , it depends on the customs clearance policy of the consignee’s country. We have no control of it.

8. Quality assurance & Exchange Policy

KAZA is dedicated to provide the best service to customers. If the products you have received are damaged or different from what you have ordered, please contact us within 3 working days by email to info@kaza-deluxe.com

The burden of cost for exchange shipping fee will be borne by KAZA . That means including your item return postage fee ( by standard airmail only) , we will refund it back to you according to what you’ve paid on the return parcel postage fee. And to compensate your time lost, replacment item will be sent to you by SPEEDPOST . Because we want to try the best effort to offer the correct and good condition item to you asap. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

All products have to be sent together with its accessories and have to be unused.

Exchange Procedures:

  1. Contact KAZA by Email within 7 days after item arrival.
  2. Mail back the product with all contens to the following address within 2 weeks

To: KAZA (Exchange Dept.)

Rm 1006 ,Block C, Delya Industrial Center ,#7 Shek Pai Tau Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.

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