Coming up next ….. Leica M10-R leather half case レザーカメラケース

Coming up next…. KAZA is now preparing the leather case prototype for the Leica M10R, we already have the basic concept of the case set design. We hope we can make something good . To be continued… Leica M10-R につきまして KAZAでは現在Leica M10Rレザーケースのプロトタイプの作製に取り組んでいますが、すでに基本コンセプトはできあがっています。 しばらくお待ちください…. Leica M10-R 皮套製作原形概念已有, 設計準備中 待續….

The making story of Fujifilm X-H1 leather case

X-H1 leather half case, camera case

The overall layout of X-H1  is square-like. When we designed this leather case, we wanted to retouch the square shape with the curved lines in order to strike a balance between the camera and the case. The result is satisfactory.   Having curved ear cap buttons on the both sides of the leather half case is a traditional and widely-used design in leather production. This purpose of this design is to cover the buckle positions on both sides of the camera with the curved cap buttons to prevent any scratching that may occur from the move of buckles during the use of camera. This is not just for aesthetic value but to give an extra layer of protection to the camera and allows the user…